Welcome to Black Space L.A.

I started Black Space L.A. for a number of reasons. Primarily, I felt the need to have a safe space to discuss issues of race with people who are the most affected by racism in this country – Africans, African-Americans, and their descendants.

Now that the tentacles of discrimination are starting to boldly reach out for other groups – including Muslims, immigrants, Jews, homosexuals, transgender individuals, and even women – it can seem, at first glance, that all these groups and their issues are the same. I do not believe this is the case.

Despite Ben Carson’s misguided rhetoric, African-Americans are, for the most part, NOT immigrants. Our ancestors did not choose to come here to pursue the American Dream. They were forced to build this nation, without fair and just compensation, and were then – and continue to be – shut out, disrespected, robbed, misrepresented, brutalized, lied about, and lied to. I posit that each group has its own fight. We can work together in coalitions over certain issues. But, for the most part, the black struggle is unique and it is the focus of my own passion and concern.

So, I hope to use this blog to incite dialog and action. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter and comment if there are any topics in particular you wish to discuss.

But, regardless of what is happening on this earth, we are a dazzling people possessed of beauty, intelligence, grace, resilience, a rich culture, and an enormous amount of talent. We also have a bright future – IF we close ranks and strengthen ourselves from the inside, Together.

Peace and love,



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